Zinc Plating Solution(For Iron,Steel,Copper)

Zinc Plating Solution(For Iron,Steel,Copper)

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Tools 365 Zinc Plating Solution

To protect parts from Corrosion etc. 

Workpieces made of iron, steel, copper and copper alloys are suitable for galvanising with our zinc electrolyte. Titanium, aluminium and chrome cannot be galvanised with this electrolyte. For the protection of aluminium, please use a basic copper electrolyte.

Whether you want to galvanise screws or components of a vehicle body: With the zinc electrolyte from Tools 365 you will always get high-quality results.


Pre-treatment of the workpieces


As the electrolyte is weakly acidic, it is essential to clean the materials thoroughly before galvanising. Especially workpieces made of iron must be completely derusted. Use special rust remover for this and finish the pre-treatment with an effective degreaser. In the case of stubborn rust deposits, mechanical pre-treatment with suitable tools such as brushes or grinders is necessary. If scale and associated black discolouration forms as a result of grinding, remove it with degreaser and by additional mechanical finishing, if necessary.




Correct application of zinc electrolyte


After the workpieces have been thoroughly cleaned, the electroplating process begins. Please use zinc or graphite anodes as anode. At the beginning of the galvanic process, pay attention to the gas development directly on the object. If a clearly visible and high number of gas bubbles forms, regulate the current intensity downwards. No or only very low gas formation is desirable.


Parameters (these may vary, please test):


tank plating: 0.5-3.5V (approx. 2V recommended at 10cm distance)

brush plating: 3-7V (approx. 5V recommended)

current density: 0.4-2.5A/dm² (up to 5A/dm² with bath movement)

working temperature: 15-60°C

deposition rate: approx. 0.8µm/min at 2A/dm² and 20°C