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Stainless Steel Blacking Liquid 10ml-250mls

Stainless Steel Blacking Liquid 10ml-250mls

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Stainless Steel Blackener is an amazing and innovative product which allows blackening stainless steel items at room temperature without the use of a separate heat or “baking” procedure. It is a quality product which will produce a pleasing dark grey to black finish.


Colour variations and artistic effects can be achieved with ease. The finished colour will depend on the steel and product dilution rates. Try to experiment with different application methods to find your style.


Tools365 Steel Blackener is durable. One tin goes a long way as the product can be diluted up to 1-part blackener to 3-parts water.


Easy to use, this amazing blackener can be used without specialist equipment as a spray-on, brush or submersion solution straight onto clean and prepared stainless steel. This user-friendly technique is odourless and does not produce hazardous fumes making it the premier choice by both professionals and hobbyists for colour coding parts and blackening engravings on stainless steels.


Stainless Steel Blackener is extremely versatile and there is no limit to the items that can be blackened, from small items through to engineering parts and complete kitchens or staircases. The product equally suitable for internal and external stainless steel items.


The only requirement is that the product and room temperature is not less than 27 degrees Celsius during the application process as it will not work well in colder temperatures.


Where dipping isn’t possible Stainless Steel Blackener can be applied by hand using a sponge, brush or cloth.


Always remember once the blackening process has happened use suitable dewatering fluid such as wd40 to protect the finish.


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