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Tenacity 5 Flux 250gm

Tenacity 5 Flux 250gm

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Welding Rod Material: Flux

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Tenacity 5 Flux 250gm.

Genuine JM Flux, dispensed in plastic bags below 250gm size.

Tenacity™ No.5 Flux Powder is a brazing flux suitable for use with silver brazing filler metals. It is active at 600°C and is effective with alloys that melt below 850°C. Tenacity™ No.5 shows good overheat resistance when compared to other silver brazing fluxes. This characteristic is useful when brazing stainless steel components for example where because of its poor thermal conductivity there is a risk of overheating causing the flux to become exhausted and ineffective.

Tenacity™ No.5 also shows an extended life at brazing temperature (time / temperature stability). This feature is important when brazing large assemblies in steel or copper for example or wherever prolonged heating is necessary.

Key Products Features & Benefits:

– Working range of 600ºC – 900ºC

– Classified as FH10 to EN1045

– Ideal for use with silver brazing filler metals

– Extended life at brazing temperature

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