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Pd Main Keg Seal Perfect Draft

Pd Main Keg Seal Perfect Draft

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Perfect Draft PD  Keg Seal, UK STOCK Same Day Despatch. Large Seal,keg to unit.

Replace regular, keeps expensive beer fresh, a worn seal with allow air and flatten the beer.

Fits Philips Perfect Draft HD3600/20, Philips Perfect Draft HD3620 Beer Taper Change the seal regularly to maintain the high performance of your beer pump.

Replacement for the old seal of your dispensing system, which were brittle and hard after long use

Quality: Made from durable material. Effective in preventing leaks on your dispenser system

Compatibility: suitable for Philips Perfect Draft HD3600/20 and Philips Perfect Draft HD3620 beer tap machine.

The 3 service seals are located at

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