Nickel Plating Solution 100ml (Other sizes available)

Nickel Plating Solution 100ml (Other sizes available)

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Nickel Plating Solution 100mls

Please ask for other sizes

Solution for galvanic nickel plating of objects

shiny surface

Easily nickel-plate objects yourself

Deposition rate: approx. 0.3µm/min at 1A/dm² and 20°C

If you keep to the specified parameters, a shiny and even layer of nickel will form on the component.

Galvanic nickel electrolyte for self-nickel plating




Our high-quality galvanic nickel electrolyte was specially developed for self-nickel plating and may be sold to private individuals without an end-use certificate.




Depending on the material of the workpiece and the detailed nickel-plating procedure, you will achieve the following results:




reliable corrosion protection through a combination of layers such as copper-nickel



Chemically resistant protective layer against diluted acids, alkalis, air and water



Diffusion protection for subsequent electroplating (e.g. diffusion from a base copper layer to the covering gold layer)



decorative protective coating with a high-gloss surface, which also serves as wear protection.



As a galvanic nickel electrolyte, our product is suitable for bath plating and pen plating (pad plating). When nickel-plating, the magnetic properties of the workpiece are retained and it has a high-gloss, silver-like color with a subtle yellow hue. Just as convincing as the end result is the high deposition rate exhibited by the nickel electrolyte.




If you are nickel-plating a complex workpiece with curves and inner surfaces, we recommend uncomplicated chemical nick

el-plating with our electroless nickel process.