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NEW Carbon Brushes 0894 DeWalt

NEW Carbon Brushes 0894 DeWalt

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NEW Carbon Brushes 0894 DeWalt 6.3*12.5*23.5mm long.
Suit hundreds of machines. Condition is New

For DeWalt carbon brush set 381028-02  to fit dw476-dw476qs-dw840qs-dw841qs-dw490-dw491k-dw492-dw383-dw479 dw476 type 1 only 240volt dw477 type 1 only 240volt dw490 type 1 only 240volt dw491 type 1 only 240volt dw492 type 1 only 240volt dw875-240volt dw852-type 1 only 240volt dw850-type 1 only 240volt dw848-type 1 only 240volt dw846 type 1 only 240volt 

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