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Metabo Carbon Brush 34,301,082/046/030

Metabo Carbon Brush 34,301,082/046/030

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Brand: Metabo

Tool Part Type: Carbon Brush

MPN: na

Application: Grinder

Metabo Carbon Brush 34,301,082/046/030.

To suit angle grinders

2636S-2636SA-6127-6129-61065-610650-61068-610680- 61167A-61167C-61169A-61169C-611760A-611670B- 611670C-611690A-611690B-611690C-61265S-61265SB- 61265S Constamatic-61268S-61268SB-61268S Constamatic- 612650S-612650SB-612680S-612680SB-TR2636S.

Size 8 x 14 x 19


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