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Fryolux Solder Paint

Fryolux Solder Paint

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Please note these are dispensed in Bottles from larger containers. Documents of usage are supplied.

Fryolux Leaded Solder Paint

Fryolux leaded solder paint T1333 is a uniform mixture of finely powered solder and zinc chloride activated flux which has a creamy consistency for pre-tinning and solder coating

It has been especially formulated to keep the heavy solder powder in suspension and to reduce settlement of the metal powder therefore making it easier to re-stir and as an aid to prolonging product shelf life, if the metal powder does settle to the bottom of the container, this can be easily reconstituted with a light stirring

Solder paint is a popular product for use in model engineering or car restoration

Key product benefits:

High activity flux

Improved shelf life

Easy to apply

Paint can be easily re-stirred

Leaded solder paint

Choice of sizes available

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