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Johnson Matthey

Easy Flo Stainless Steel Flux 25gm

Easy Flo Stainless Steel Flux 25gm

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Brand: Johnson Matthey

Flux Form: powder

MPN: stainless steel flux

Large stocks of many Johnson Matthey Products including Fluxes, Solder Materials. 07801 469719

Easyflo Flux Powder Stainless Steel 25g

All sizes below 500gm are supplied in plastic bags.

A general purpose silver brazing flux powder, which offers improved fluxing on stainless steel when used with brazing filler metals with a liquidus temperature up to 725˚C.

Easy-flo™ Stainless Steel Grade Flux Powder is recommended where a higher fluoride content boosts activity. It is also suitable for most common engineering metals and on certain aerospace work

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