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Biermaxx CO2 Adaptor 5 Litre Keg

Biermaxx CO2 Adaptor 5 Litre Keg

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Final Product: Beer

Type: Keg

Conversion kit for 5 litre legs to enable you to ditch the 16gm bulbs and use the sodastream type system.

Conversion kit for Biermaxx+Draft&Fresh, Zapf Profi, Clatronic beer dispenser or Koenig BW1880

already sold over 5000 times

. Are you not satisfied with your dispenser? If you are tired of a beer without constant pressure and don't want to keep buying expensive 16 g CO2 cartridges,

then we have the solution for you. Use normal CO2 bottles with a pressure reducer and tap like the world champions.

The adapter is simply screwed into the CO2 capsule holder - ready.

Depending on the model, a small hole may have to be made in the housing for the hose to pass through to the outside.

The conversion kit consists of the following parts

- special adapter with seal and 4mm grommet

- 1.5 m CO2 hose 4 mm cloudy with SK number

- 3/4" wing nut with 4mm grommet, seal & 1 ear clamp for connection to pressure reducer

Info: CO2 bottle and pressure reducers are NOT part of this offer.

You will find pressure reducers and/or CO2 bottles as well as complete Biermaxx conversion sets here in the shop.

Please note that the tap pressure should not be over 1.3 bar, as the barrels cannot withstand higher pressure

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